GCB 2012 in Jena

The JCB organizes the GCB 2012, which will take place from 19 – 22 September 2012 in Jena. The meeting is open to all fields of bioinformatics and theoretical systems biology. Five satellite workshops place thematic emphasis on diverse aspects of systems biology.

One of the first German bioinformatics meetings bringing together computer and natural scientists took place in Jena in September 1994. Two years later, in 1996, the series of German Conferences on Bioinformatics (GCB) was started in Leipzig. In 2012, bioinformaticians from Germany and abroad will meet again in Jena on the occasion of GCB 2012. The conference will cover all aspects of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. It will feature a regular paper, a highlight and a poster track. Regular papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Highlights should describe recently published work to be presented to the conference participants. All contributions will be peer-reviewed. The main conference takes place from 20 – 22 September. In addition, on September 19, a number of pre-conference workshops will be organized. These will include the topics Systems Biology of Aging, Organ-oriented Systems Biology, Network Reconstruction and Analysis in Systems Biology, Image-based Systems Biology and Computational Proteomics and Metabolomics.

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