Research activities at the JCB cover diverse topics of bioinformatics, joined by the focus on molecular communication processes. Close collaborations between groups using theoretical and experimental approaches characterises the work of the JCB. Main research areas are:

The following section gives some examples, but not a comprehensive overview, of the JCB’s research activities. In addition, members of the JCB maintain the JCB Protein-Protein Interaction Website, offering extensive information about diverse aspects of protein-protein interactions.

Jena Life Science Forum

Following an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Jena Life Science Forum (JLSF) is organised by the Frege Centre for Structural Sciences. The JLSF is an international scientific forum meeting regularly to discuss pioneering topics and issues in fundamental biological research that can be expected to shape life sciences in the future. The aim of the JLSF is to focus upon central problems in understanding the dynamics of complex biological systems from perspectives that, thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, promote new ways of thinking. At the same time, this event is intended to inform the wider scientific community and interested members of the public about current problems in life science research, an objective that is achieved by means of open lectures and discussions. The topic of 2009/2010 is “The Molecular Language of Life“.