Mailing List

This mailing list is aimed at an effective information exchange especially in the Jena region. However, it is a free list; anybody within and outside the Jena region can subscribe to this list.

To subscribe to the JCB mailing list, click here and fill in your e-mail address and name.

You may or may not keep the list password you get – it is needed only to change the e-mail address you are subscribed with, or to unsubscribe, and you can get it e-mailed any time by going to the subscribe page, clicking the edit options button at the bottom, then clicking “Remind” in the password reminder section.

To unsubscribe from the JCB mailing list, click here, scroll down that page and click on “Unsubscribe or edit options”. You will then have to provide your list password – if you do not have it at hand, click “Remind” in the password reminder section to get it e-mailed. If all fails, contact the list administrator.

If there are problems, send an Email to Kathrin Schowtka (