Seminar, 07. February 2024, Daniel Depledge

Wednesday, 07. February 2024, 10.00 a.m.
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2, 3. Etage – SR 3319

New adventures in nanopore sequencing: Decoding host-virus interactions at the level of individual RNAs

Prof. Dr. Daniel Depledge
(Institute for Virology, Hannover Medical School)

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Seminar, 09. January 2024, Dr. Tomas Pluskal

Tuesday, 09. January 2024, 4.15 p.m. 

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2, 4. Etage – SR 3423

Decoding the chemical language of plants

Dr. Tomas Pluskal
(Junior Group Leader; Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prag)

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Seminar, 09. May 2023, Stefan Schuster

Joint seminar of the Matthias Schleiden Institute and JCB

Tuesday, 09. May 2023, 4.15 p.m. 

Lecture Hall – Am Planetarium 1

The Golden Ratio in botany and biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster
(Dept. of Bioinformatics, Matthias Schleiden Institute, Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

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Seminar, 02. February 2023, Dr. Adriano Rutz

Thursday, 02. February 2023, 4.15 p.m. 

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2, 4. Etage – SR 3423

Prior knowledge as a compass guiding untargeted metabolomics

Dr. Adriano Rutz
(Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

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Seminar, 08. December 2022, Dr. Leonardo Oña

Thursday, 08. December 2022, 4.15 p.m. 

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2, 4. Etage – SR 3423

Cooperation increases robustness to ecological disturbance in microbial cross-feeding networks

Dr. Leonardo Oña
(Department of Ecology, Osnabrueck University, Germany)

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