Virus goes Bioinformatics

11 – 12 October 2012

Organised by the group “RNA Bioinformatics and High Throughput Analysis Jena” (Prof. Dr. M. Marz), a two-day meeting entitled “Virus goes Bioinformatics” takes place on 11 and 12 October 2012.

Meeting: Virus goes Bioinformatics

The meeting starts on Thursday at 13:00 and ends Friday around 17:00.
The goal is to address specific problems in virology and to find possible bioinformatical solutions to these problems.


Thursday, 11. October 2012

13:00   Identification of emerging viruses from mammals and insects – Reconstructing history of host switching events – Christian Drosten

13:20   Establishment of a reverse genetic system for rotaviruses – Antje Rückner

13:40   Title tba – Martin Spiegel

14:00   Intraindividual noroviral evolution in chronically infected patients – Dieter Hoffmann

14:20   Ribonucleases and cis-active RNA elements involved in coronavirus replication – John Ziebuhr

Coffee Break

16:00   Predicting functional RNA structures – Ivo Hofacker

16:20   Computational Detection of Conserved RNA Secondary Structure Elements in RNA Virus Genomes – Peter Stadler

16:40   mRNA structure and its role in the evolution of viral genes – Dmitrij Frishman

17:00   Estimating viral genetic diversity from next-generation sequencing data – Armin Töpfer

17:20   Learning about RNA viruses by applying comparative genomics – Alexander Gorbalenya

17:40   Summary – Manja Marz

Dinner, collection, and discussion of ideas

Friday, 12. October 2012

09:30   Currents and needs in viral bioinformatics – White paper

12:00   Lunch Break

13:30   Currents and needs in viral bioinformatics – White paper

17:00   The End

The venue is Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3, seminar room 306. To make it easier to find this room, we meet Thursday 12:30 in the ground-floor Ernst-Abbe-Campus, entrance Ernst-Abbe-Platz, near the cafeteria.