Seminar, 26 March 2012, M. Heiner

26 March 2012, 16:15
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2, seminar room 3423

BioModel Engineering – a Petri Net Perspective

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Heiner (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Computer Science Department)

Biochemical reaction networks tend to be very large and dense. Thus, a crucial point is their concise and unambiguous representation, and the development of computational methods to model and analyse them in an efficient manner. This talk describes a Petri net-based framework, which combines the qualitative, stochastic and continuous paradigms, recently complemented by coloured counterparts. It will be illustrated how each perspective adds its contribution to the understanding of the system, with special emphasis on structural analysis techniques.
The talk will conclude with a brief outline of our approach to deploy coloured Petri nets to statically encode finite discrete space, possibly hierarchically structured.