ICSB 2010 Workshop “IOMPA”

ICSB 2010 Workshop “Integration of OMICS Datasets into Metabolic Pathway Analysis”

IOMPA 2010, a workshop dedicated at the Integration of OMICS Datasets into Metabolic Pathway Analysis will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on October 15, 2010 in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. The aim of this workshop is to discuss issues arising in the integration of experimental data into the analysis of metabolic networks. It is split into three parts each of which covers one of the central topics arising in this kind of analysis. The first session is dedicated towards genome-scale metabolic networks and will cover issues arising in the reconstruction of such networks. The aim of the second session is to discuss different types of structural properties of metabolic networks that can be used to characterize them. These structural properties reach from connected routes in a graph-based representation of metabolic network, over stoichiometrically balanced fluxes in the form of elementary flux modes or extreme pathways to reactions necessarily working together at steady state. Finally, the aim of the third session is to discuss how large-scale experimental data can be analyzed using these structural characteristics and, in the other direction, how experimental data can be used to identify those characteristics that matter for the cell.

Contact: christoph.kaleta [at] uni-jena.de